Great Web Development begins here

We innovate, we build and make the napkin sketch come to life. We strive to build great web tools with simplicity and the users in mind.


About Us

Sloan Consulting has been consulting or contracting since January 2000.

We adamantly believe that the world needs to be simpler rather than more complex and everything we do is to that end. Also, we believe that we will achieve this simplicity if we strive for better communication with other humans. The web started out as a simple communication tool--not many people would describe it as such now.

What we can do for you

Do you have a problem with your existing website? Are you looking to make a change in your business that will include new web technologies? Do you want to try to integrate your business with the web?

We can do business analysis. We can analyze where you are at, where you want to go and where you are capable of getting. We have a "no nonsense" approach to how we do our analysis, we don't pull our punches and we try to make it an enjoyable process.

We can do e-commerce. We do programming and web development, from design to database integrations. If you have a business process, a way you do things, and you'd like to see if it could work on the internet, we should talk. We've work on systems for accounting, project management, document management, content management, shopping carts and much more.

We can do training. We've done lots of training and presentations in the past and we are comfortable speaking in front of people.

We can be your "Virtual CTO." By this we mean that we can help you make decisions about technology, if you need. As we're sure you can guess, we're not intimidated by "tech talk." We keep up with the buzz and in a lot of cases, we enjoy it.

Our stories

We feel the best way for you to get a sense of what we can do is to see a few examples of what we've done for others. Read a few of my stories for a sense of what we've done.

Contact us

You can reach us by email, skype, MSN, AIM, Gmail Chat, telephone, mail or see me in person. 

Online recruitment application. Setting up the right people with the right jobs.
Make sure all your stars come out. A sports team website for making sure your team gets to the game.
We've been busy. This site is a collection of web applications, including SureBook and SureWire, as well as a CMS.
A complete Intranet/Extranet solution. Made for organizations large and small. Robust and scalable.