Unusual Projects

We do get involved in some pretty interesting projects that don't really fit into the standard descriptions.

Rantdog (http://www.rantdog.com/)
We've been involved in this project for two different versions of the site. We were approached to be the webmaster and help in solving some web-related problems for this organization. We really enjoy the humour on this site, even if sometimes the language is a bit strong.

Country Road Books (http://www.countryroadbooks.com/)
This site is currently on a hiatus. However, it was an e-commerce book store that we built for Tim's aunt. This wouldn't be a very strange project if we didn't mention that she was 84 years old when we launched. If she can get a handle on running an e-commerce book store, anything is possible.


We build websites. Large, small, using content management systems, integrating with other services.

Web-Based Software

We build all sorts of web-based software (also called web applications).

Building an ASP

An application service provider has some specific challenges. We have experience building this sort of business.

Virtual CTO

Some companies are missing someone to help them make technical decisions. We can help.

Unusual Projects

Some of our projects aren't ordinary.


We have several partnerships with companies. This allows us to expand our range of services and offer more to our clients.