We've built a lot of websites. We don't do a lot of graphic design but we have performed nearly every step imaginable in creating a website--from setting up the server to data entry to adding shopping carts to a site. Here's a bit of a list:

M. Böhlke Veneer (
Developed a content management system to enable MB Veneer to control their web site content of veneers. Also, created a shopping cart type application for Architects visiting the site to choose and save veneers.

Burger Boat Yacht Company (
Developed a full featured web site for this Yacht manufacturer to let them manage their web site content, create job postings and sell products. As well, Burger Boat staff have an intranet and clients can access a project management application to view the status of their purchase.

AESA - Program Budget Tracking Application (
Created a web based application for tracking the budgets of funding applicants. Additionally, provincial coordinators can oversee the entire process.

SALEient - Application hosting and Server configuration (
Developed a hosting platform, including servers, software and processes, for a start-up application service provider. Customized and deployed software for clients.

Extreme Dream - Ticket Sales (
Created and maintained a ticket sales e-commerce web site for selling conference tickets. These conference tickets sell out quickly and the system was built to withstand heavy traffic.

Alberta Conservation Association - Intranet (
Built a web-based intranet for the ACA and their board of directors to facilitate their communications. The intranet included a document system, calendar, discussion forum and other communication tools.

Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference - Conf-Link (
The ACAC maintains student athlete eligibility records and they needed a web-based system for all the colleges in the conference to enter their athlete's records

Retail Alberta membership management (
Retail Alberta maintains a membership of thousands of businesses all over the province. A system was developed for them to use the web to manage their membership. Efforts were made to integrate this system with their previous management system.

Alberta New Democrats (
Built the website for the Alberta political party and maintained it during the previous election. Site include e-commerce donation taking and several features for activists and election candidates.

Northern Lakes College (
Developed several sections of the staff and student intranet for this site, including instructor web pages and student scholarship applications.

Other sites:

Alberta Soccer Association (
All Weather Windows (
Massage Therapy Supply Outlet (
Murungo Gallery (
Dent Consulting ( (


We build websites. Large, small, using content management systems, integrating with other services.

Web-Based Software

We build all sorts of web-based software (also called web applications).

Building an ASP

An application service provider has some specific challenges. We have experience building this sort of business.

Virtual CTO

Some companies are missing someone to help them make technical decisions. We can help.

Unusual Projects

Some of our projects aren't ordinary.


We have several partnerships with companies. This allows us to expand our range of services and offer more to our clients.